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Galvanize small parts in Visano with our effective rotobarile treatments

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Rotobarile treatments

Over the last forty years, Zincofer has become known in both Visano and throughout the province of Brescia for hot-dip galvanizing treatments. You can read more about this process below, or contact us by phone or email for further information.

Protective galvanizing for small parts

It's easiest to think of rotobarile as the galvanizing of small parts, in which they are rotated inside special barrels that give them each an identical, uniform surface.

Each piece is subjected to the electrolysis process, which causes zinc ions to migrate to the steel, forming a passivation layer of different colors.

Rotobarile galvanizing is also recommended for trivalent chrome finishes.

Rotobarrel plant at Zincofer Srl in Visano (Brescia)

Performing expert passivation

Using our alkaline rotobarile system (with sealing), the following passivations can be performed:

  • Brilliant white II trivalent
  • Trivalent Chromiting IV

Passivation is the use of a light coat of protective material to guard against corrosion.

Rotobarrel plant at Zincofer Srl in Visano (Brescia)