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Visano's leading providers of galvanic treatments on iron alloys 

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Active in the sector for over forty years, Zincofer has been at the forefront of technological developments in the field of galvanic treatments. Thanks to our increasingly advanced equipment, we're proud to offer the best electrolytic zinc plating in Visano and throughout the province of Brescia. This is a process of treating metals and applying zinc through electrolysis; from it, we obtain an iron or cast iron product with a high level of resistance to the elements. 

For further technical information or for a free and personalized quote, don't hesitate to contact us today by phone or email - we'll be happy to provide you with complete answers within a short time-frame.

Ecological solutions and respect for the environment

All of Zincofer's work is concentrated on having a low environmental impact. This means a constant search for technological solutions that are innovative, ecological, and efficient. In 2015, we replaced the entire lighting system to switch to LED lamps. This has not only made for considerable energy savings, but also has a lesser impact on the environment

Working around the clock for our customers

Thanks to impeccable organization skills and continuous rotation of work, Zincofer is able to guarantee galvanic treatments and other types of work at any hour of the day. Throughout Visano and Bresciall, all deadlines are respected, with deliveries made during the day. We can also store processed products on your behalf.

Transportation and same-day deliveries

Although based in Visano in Brescia province, Zincofer carries out deliveries throughout Italy and abroad as part of a collaboration with the Fra.Ber company. We're also able to guarantee fast and safe transport for each customer, using vehicles of 8,10 x 2,70 meters with trailers of 7.30x2.88 meters and weighing 44 tons.

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